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  • Your stay in Woignarue offers you a relaxing nature break to the rhythm of the tides. Between cliffs and low fields, observe a rich fauna and flora and discover numerous activities in the area, combining sport and outdoor activities in the heart of the Baie de Somme.

    Onival Beach

    The 8 km long beach is well known in the area and is directly accessible from the campsite. For all holidaymakers looking for a wide open space to enjoy a nice walk and a breath of fresh air or to practice various sports activities: everything is gathered to spend a pleasant holiday. In terms of water sports, there are many choices: sand yachting, kitesurfing, yachting… The beach can also be explored on horseback, an original activity that will allow you to enjoy the freedom! It is also the ideal place for all those who like to fish on foot.

    Cliffs of Ault

    A trip where you don’t need to be afraid of heights, 2 km from the campsite. These impressive chalk cliffs in the south of the Picardy Coast are revealed in Ault and extend into the Caux region. Enjoy a guided tour through which the secrets of this wonderful nature are told. Equipped with your best pair of boots, explore from the top and admire the panoramic views, home to a unique flora and fauna. The departure is from the OTSI in Ault and offers a 2.5 hour walk (5 km between Ault and the Bois de Cise) in the heart of nature. A moment to share with the family! At the foot of the cliffs, take the time to rest on one of the beautiful pebble beaches.
    On your way from the campsite, stop at the Notre-Dame d’Onival chapel. Its bell tower overlooks the sea and the small red bricks that cover it are typical of the region.
    When you arrive at Bois de Cise, you will discover a real green setting, at the beginning of the Norman cliffs, which has historically become a famous seaside resort since the Belle Epoque.

    The Little Museum of Ault

    For those who love collecting old items, this museum (open since 2021 and maintained by an association of enthusiasts) exhibits many period items (postcards, books, various objects) relating to Ault and its history. An original way to learn a little more about this seaside town! The museum is located opposite the Ault Tourist Office.

    Ault Lighthouse

    Lying on the cliffs of Onival (in the commune of Ault) since 1951, this impressive monument is essential for maritime signalling. You will have the opportunity to see it while walking along the seafront.

    Le Hâble d’Ault and Cayeux-sur-Mer

    The Hâble d’Ault (in Cayeux-sur-Mer) is located in the south of the Baie de Somme. This corner of preserved coastline is a living paradise for ornithological species. This ancient lagoon is protected from the sea by a thin, fragile pebble beach. You can enjoy beautiful walks at the foot of the cliffs.
    You can also see the Hourdel lighthouse, which has been lighting up fishermen and sailors since 1950.

    Maison de la Baie de Somme

    The Maison de la Baie de Somme offers you a fun tour to share with your family, tracing the history, the environment, the conservation plans and many other themes around this wonderful destination.

    Railway of the Somme Bay

    Climb aboard this historic and authentic steam train (in “Belle Epoque” carriages) and enjoy a guided tour of the history of the area as you travel along the Réseau des Bains de Mer, which runs from Cayeux-sur-Mer to Le Crotoy. Take the time to admire the superb landscapes of the bay!

    Gourmet side

    Taste the local gastronomy: many typical restaurants await you! Amongst the specialities, you will find a varied list from the Ficelle Picarde to the Macaron d’Amiens, there is something for everyone!

    Where are we heading to next ?

    Immersion in the Baie de Somme, in the kingdom of the seals…

    Renowned for its unique flora and fauna, the Bay of the Somme is home to a species of animal that is well known to young and old alike, and which you will enjoy watching… The largest French colony of harbour seals has taken up residence in this bay, mingling with their fellow grey seals. Twice a day at low tide, you can see them gather and bask on the sandbanks. However, these wild animals are shy: you should keep a good distance of at least 300 metres to avoid disturbing them.
    The best places to observe them are at the Pointe du Hourdel, Saint-Valery-sur-Somme and Le Crotoy. Bring binoculars to optimise your chances. In summer, Picardie Nature will guide you further. Remember to make a reservation.”Pour les observer, les meilleurs spots se situent à la Pointe du Hourdel, à Saint-Valery-sur-Somme et au Crotoy. Prévoyez les jumelles afin d’optimiser vos chances. En été, Picardie Nature vous guidera davantage. Pensez à réserver.

    More information…

    Should you need more information or original ideas to build your stay, see you at the Tourist Office. The staff will help you out.

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